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Student advising


Past students:

  • Sagnik Das

    Data Scientist, JPMorgan Chase

  • Laxman Timilsina

    Asst. Professor, Connecticut College, USA (joint supervision with Wim Vivjerberg)

Collaborative work:

       De, P. K., & Timilsina, L. (2020). Cash‐based maternal health interventions can improve childhood vaccination—Evidence from India. Health Economics29(10), 1202-1219

Asst. Professor, Gumushane University, Turkey

Fellow, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, USA (joint supervision with Mike Grossman)

Collaborative work:

De, P. K., & Segura-Escano, R. (2021). Drinking during downturn: New evidence from the housing market fluctuations in the United States during the Great Recession. Economics & Human Biology43, 101070.

  • Priya Nagaraj

    Faculty, William Patterson University, New Jersey, USA. (joint supervision with Sangeeta Pratap)

Collaborative works:

    De, P. K., & Nagaraj, P. (2014). Productivity and firm size in India. Small Business Economics, 42(4), 891-907.

   De, P. K., & Nagaraj, P. (2017). Effects of foreign equity participation on recipient firm exports. Applied Economics49 (31), 3100-3113.


Past students:

Collaborative work:

De, P. K., & Price, T. (2021). Pre-existing Economic Conditions and COVID-19 Infections and Mortality in New York City. Journal of health care for the poor and underserved32(4), 1978-1994.

Collaborative work:

De, P. K. & Christian, A. (2020). Microfinance participation and intimate partner violence among women in Bangladesh. Oxford Economic Papers, 72(2), 435-452.