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Perceived Stigma in Health Care Settings Mediates the Relationships Between Depression, Diabetes, and Hypertension with Henna Budhwani and Ruoyan Sun in Population Health Management.
Pre-existing Economics Conditions and COVID-19 Infections and Mortality in New York City – (with Taylor Price of UConn) in the Journal of Heath Care for the Poor and Underserved.
Beyond Race: Impacts of Non-Racial Perceived Discrimination on Health Access and Outcomes in New York City (2020).  in PLoS ONE.
The Association of Pregnancy Control, Emotions, and Beliefs with Pregnancy Desires: A New Perspective on Pregnancy Intentions (with Meredith Manze, Diana Romero, Josette Hartnett and Lynn Roberts at the CUNY School of Public Health.) In PLoS ONE.
De, P., Pozen, A., & Budhwani, H. (2019). Is Perceived Stigma in Clinical Settings Associated With Poor Health Status Among New York City’s Residents of Color? Medical Care57(12), 960-967.
Budhwani, H., & De, P. (2019). Perceived Stigma in Health Care Settings and the Physical and Mental Health of People of Color in the United States. Health Equity3(1), 73-80.
De, P. K., & Murshid, N. S. (2018). Associations of intimate partner violence with screening for mental health disorders among women in urban Bangladesh. International Journal of Public Health63(8), 913-921. (Part of the special issue “Violence, Justice, and Health: Implications for a Multisectoral Collaboration”.) doi: 10.1007/s00038-018-1139-x
De, P., Downing Jr, M. J., & Hirshfield, S. (2018). Cost Analysis of Implementing a Video-Based eHealth Intervention for HIV-Positive Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men. AIDS Education and Prevention, 30(4), 301-308.
Budhwani, H., & De, P. (2017). Human papillomavirus vaccine initiation in Asian Indians and Asian subpopulations: a case for examining disaggregated data in public health research. Public Health, 153, 111-117.
De, P., & Budhwani, H. (2017). Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine initiation in minority Americans. Public Health144, 86-91.
Budhwani, H., & De, P. (2016). Disparities in influenza vaccination across the United States: variability by minority group, Asian sub-populations, socio-economic status, and health insurance coverage. Public Health138, 146-153.

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