I am a Professor of Economics at the Colin Powell School of the City College of the City University of New York. I am also a doctoral faculty at the Graduate Center, and a faculty affiliate at the CUNY Institute of Demographic Research. 
Trained as an economist at NYU under Prof. Bill Easterly, I work in several areas, collaborate with scholars from public health, medicine and management, and publish in economics, business and health journals.  
My current research interests include evaluating the impacts of the Affordable Care Act (IJHEM); effects of economic conditions and regulations on drinking and smoking (Journal of Health Economics, Economics and Human Biology); schooling expansion and reproductive health (IJHEM); research related to COVID-19 (JHCPU);impacts of economic shocks on mental health and wellbeing (World Development, Journal of Mental health); and impacts of discrimination on health outcomes (Population Health Management). 
My previous research was in the intersection of health economics and public health including discrimination in health care (Medical Care, PLoS ONE, Health Equity); intimate partner violence (Oxford Economic Papers, International Journal of Public Health); and immunization (Health Economics, Public Health).

My early work is in development economics where I analyzed topics in credit ratings (research in World Development); firm behavior (Journal of World Business, Small Business Economics, and Applied Economics); international migration(Migration and Development); and women’s decision making (Review of Economics of the Household).